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SwallowBay brings out your Fantasies


No matter what kind of porn site you spend most of your time on, you’re always going to get to a point where everything you see starts to get boring for you. You can’t keep going back for the same thing over and over again without it losing its luster at some point. You can have a great time at first, but it will get dull and you’ll start looking for a different place to get your porn fill. That’s usually when you come across a site like SwallowBay that changes your life forever. Once you see just how different the blowjob VR porn can be on a site like this, you’ll finally know that you can watch it as much as you want without ever getting bored with it.


VR changes the game
It all comes down to virtual reality and how it changes the entire adult world for you. You’re not just watching the sex happen; you’re an active participant in it. You’re the guy that it’s all happening to and you just can’t get any closer to the real thing than that. All of the videos here are shot in 180˚ so you can look around the room and focus on any part of the girl that you want. It’s like you’re stepping into the room with her and letting her show you a good time just for the fun of it. There’s no better way to get your porn and it’s much better than just sitting back and watching someone on a screen. All it takes is a headset and you can get yourself transported to a whole new world of sexual fulfillment that you just can’t experience anywhere else. One time is all it takes to get hooked on the new way to watching porn.


The women love what they do
It seems like it shouldn’t be this way, but it’s true. The biggest problem with most porn videos is the girl who’s supposed to be having a good time in it. Most of the women that you see in regular porn just want to get through the day and go home. They don’t actually like having the sex that they’re having and they never put your needs before their own. If you can watch a video and still have to use your imagination to pretend that the girl is enjoying herself then you really need to try something new. That’s where the girls that you can find here come in. Each and every one of them absolutely loves what she does. These are the kind of women that men seek out when they need a blowjob and they’re always more than happy to give it to them. They’ve spent year practicing their oral sex skills and nothing makes them feel better than being able to show them off. These girls always have giant smiles on their faces and they want nothing more than to give you the satisfaction you crave with them down on their knees.


Get everything you can imagine
When you don’t have to use your imagination to pretend that the girl is having a good time, you can get a whole lot more out of it. Just think about how much fun it would be to imagine a sexual scenario and they have to play it out for you. That’s what you can get with SwallowBay videos. If you can imagine it then you get it and it’s just that simple. If you’ve ever thought about getting a blowjob from a certain kind of woman then you can find her right here. If you want to be treated to more foreplay than you can stand then these girls want to give it to you. There’s a reason that they always start off with their lollipops, after all. The best part is that you’re not even limited to one girl at a time. You can step into a room with two horny girls at any time and look down on them passing your cock back and forth whenever you want to. That’s what a site like this has to offer you and you’ll never get bored of all the action that’s just waiting for to you to find it.