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This young babe is a sexy, new face in the porn industry, and even though she has only a few years of experience in this cruel industry, she has a lot to show. She looks quite youthful and her body is all natural, so those perky little titties are something that everyone likes to look at. Truly an amazing sight to behold when you see them bouncing up and down. She is usually cast to act as a teenage girl because as it is already mentioned, she truly does look younger than she is. Furthermore, it should be mentioned that this cutie has some amazing scenes and they can be seen in Neighborhood Swingers 16, A Soft Touch, Cute Little Things 3 and also in Blow Bar. She's made about 20 movies so far and that's okay, given that she is quite inexperienced. Also, she has a few cute piercings.

Height: 164 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Born: 03/22/1997
Birthplace: Georgia, United States

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