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Tiny bomb with a huge bang, a sentence that perfectly describes Abigail Mac. Born in Baltimore in 1988, this brunette beauty, with a small frame, big perky boobs, and nice heart-shaped booty is perfectly balanced women. Working out almost every day, made her body very tight and athletic. She entered the porn world in 2012 only as a lesbian performer, but as time progressed, so did she, slowly taking it one step at a time. Nowadays she does almost everything, IR, anal, orgies etc. She is credited in more than 350 movies and in 2015 she made her directorial debut in a hit lesbian, anal movie. This baby is all looks, she has brains too. She has her own production company and talent agency, so all the money goes to her. Many other pornstars describe her as a loveable person and a good friend. She also has her webcam show and is very active on social media.

Height: 158 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Born: 05/15/1989
Birthplace: Maryland, United States

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