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Lexi Belle is a girl that comes to mind when you think of a baby face! She’s very cute and gentle, but also loves trying many different things when it comes to shooting porn. She climbed to the very top of the pornstars lists by doing wonderful performances that got her to win some prestigious awards like The best starlet and many more. She grew up in Mississippi and played trombone in a band for a while. It’s interesting that she was working in a video club when two guys offered her to appear in an adult movie. Her first scene included nothing but a great blowjob and from then on she did many other both soft-core and hardcore movies that dazzled the world. She loves playing nurses, was a Penthouse Pet of the month and even Pet of the year. She won many awards and with that body, we can expect more to come!

Height: 160 cm
Weight: 48 kg
Born: 08/05/1987
Birthplace: Independence, Louisiana, Us

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